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Best Dubai Tours And Excursions In Dubai

Explore best Dubai tours and Shore excursion in Dubai at low cost price. Discover best Dubai 2019 top 10 Tours & Activities packages. You will not be missing excursions in Dubai to enjoy its modernity. And in the largest city in the United Arab Emirates you can do everything. Do you feel like skiing? No problem. Although it seems impossible, the Emirate have managed to create ski slopes. It is true that you will not lack things to see in Dubai . Even so we advise you to leave the city to know its surroundings. In this post we tell you the 10 best Dubai Travel Tours and excursions in Dubai for you to enjoy.

1. Visit Abu Dhabi

The capital of the United Arab Emirates should be an essential stop on your tour of the country. We liked it even more than Dubai. It houses the Sheikh Zayed Mosque , probably the most beautiful and spectacular in the world. But Abu Dhabi is much more than its mosque: you cannot miss a visit to the beautiful island of Yas and its attractions or a walk through the Corniche.

2. Safari Desert 

Your visit to Dubai would be incomplete without an experience in the desert. We had a really good time. First they take you at full speed through some huge dunes with a 4 × 4 . It's super fun! You feel incredible tickling in the stomach. Then they leave you a while to surf in the dunes with a sandboard.

3. Dubai History

Dubai has a short but intense history. The city has been completely transformed in recent decades by the famous petrodollars. However, it also has a very interesting traditional part. If you want to know both faces and a lot of curiosities, we recommend doing this tour. We believe it is one of the best tours in Dubai because it will allow you to know many things about the city.

4. Musandam Fjords

If you have more than a week in the city, this is one of the excursions in Dubai that we recommend the most. Even if it involves crossing the border! The Musandam fjords belong to Oman, although they are not far from Dubai. Although they are not as spectacular as those in Norway , they are not bad at all! You will cruise the area and you can dive, fish and bathe. A good day of relaxation!

5. Dubai Marina dinner cruise

If you want to celebrate a special night, we recommend this activity! Dubai Marina is the most modern and luxurious part of Dubai. You will board a traditional boat and enjoy a delicious buffet dinner while watching the spectacular illuminated skyscrapers. Without a doubt, one of the best excursions in Dubai. And Burj Khalifa is also looks beautiful at night. Your can explore Burj Khalifa Trips for visiting both places at low price.


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